The Anomaly

City_in_the_desert_desktop_backgroundMedax is one of two great desert cities separated by 1000 miles of baking sand. However, all is not well in Medax. Suddenly things begin to go wrong – very wrong.

Jeremiah Ward is dying. He is alone. His unexplained illness has all but drained the life from his aging, brittle bones. However, he still has hope. Still looks for a cure. Even now continues the search for answers.

The story of Jeremiah Ward is planned to be spread over six episodes. As and when these are completed they will appear on the list below. I hope you enjoy them, and as ever would appreciate any feedback.

  • Story 1: Dream World
  • Story 2: The Visitors
  • Story 3: Whispers in the Sand (Estimated Publication – May ’14 )

2 thoughts on “The Anomaly

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