The Best of Me


As Liza once implied “the best is yet to come”. I certainly hope so and the plan for this page is simple. It will showcase the pieces of creative fiction which I (and on occasion others) consider to be my best to date. It will be updated frequently, he says hopefully!

Writing Challenges

1. Trifecta

The Hill of the Poisonous Tree – This 333 word story was a third placed entry in the Trifecta 81 writing challenge. This was my first placing in any writing challenge so will always be a piece I remember. It is a fictional tale based on life in the Khmer Rouge genocide centre Tuol Sleng. Not an easy read but one well worth a few moments of your time.

When The Boy Becomes The Man – This 333 word story was awarded second place in the Trifecta 83 writing challenge. There were 86 entries that week so to come second was a definite high point of my fledgling creative writing career. Set in a 19th century Cornish tin mining village it follows a woman who loses her husband in a underground disaster. However, her son doesn’t give up on his father!

Looking for Mr. Right – This story was awarded second place in the Trifecta 94 writing challenge. It is a 333 word ghost story based around a murdered girl seeking to take her revenge on her killer. One comment suggested this story appeared to take place between breaths. Take a read and see if you agree.

Three Men (One Wise) – This pre-Christmas creepfest was awarded a third place in the Trifecta 108 writing challenge. It is a 333 word story about three men, one of whom gave wise, but ultimately unheeded advice, to the other two.

The Cost of Discovery – This story of man’s relentless, and at times hasty, attempts at uncovering that which is currently hidden, placed second in the Trifecta 110 writing challenge.

2. Trifextra

What Might Have Been – There were two musketeers, right? Err, there was once, if my third placed 33 word entry into the Trifextra 87 is to be believed.

Double Sacrifice – My first win on any writing challenge! This 33 word piece was awarded first place in a picture prompt inspired Trifextra 88 challenge.

3. Speakeasy

Black Holes – My first entry into the Speakeasy 142 challenge at Yehwrite came third in the community voting. However, to my delight it was subsequently selected as the ‘Editor’s Pick’.

4. Miscellaneous

The following stories were either unplaced or not entered into judged challenges:

A World of Difference – An entry into the weekly Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge. The story is about a world where the women do the soldiering and men don’t. Other differences exist too! Feedback I received from the Friday Fictioneers group makes me feel this might be my best 100 word story to date.

Please read and hopefully enjoy these stories. Feel free to add comments to the stories themselves or this page. Also feel free to of course browse the rest of my blog and read any or all of the stories I’ve written to date. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

Paul Clements.


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