Writing Worlds

under-constructionIn addition to the regular challenges I submit pieces to, I also want to have my own writing worlds. These will be places I can revisit and add more stories, layers, characters and intrigue as the weeks, months and years go by. In time one of these worlds may spawn a monster; maybe they won’t. However, I hope what they will provide me with is plenty of scope for writing practice, and for my blog followers something enjoyable to read.

Hairy Bob and Mugwump

hairybobStories about a drifter called Hairy Bob, and his faithful Labrador companion, Mugwump. Their adventures are based in a North American setting. Nothing too controversial: just some feel good stories, with the occasional surprise thrown in.

Tales From The Northern Boundaries

My first baby steps into the world of medieval fantasy. No wizards or elves, not yet anyway. Instead the stories revolve around a mysterious Order who control a power source which makes the city of Arrlatan something special.

Like Mother, Like Son?

I love dystopian worlds. This is therefore mine. I promise not to drift too close to 1984, but from time to time it may be inevitable. The stories are based on the relationship between a mother and son. The mother is a leading figure in the ruling party; the son starts off as a loyal member of both her physical and political families. Over time this changes.

The Anomaly

Is it the end of the word, or the start of a new one? Is it all a dream or the beginning of a nightmare? A seemingly dying man and his companion take on the challenges of a world in crisis.


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